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Community Spotlight – Active Adult

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It’s become increasingly common for people to buy a second home in regions that don’t experience brutally cold weather. A combination of economic upturn and a very competitive housing market have caused a seasonal increase in this type of purchase. Fall and early winter months are usually the times when the real estate markets in the Southern United States experience a surge in activity and interest. Instead of suffering through the rather harsh Northern conditions every year, these “snowbirds” prefer to relocate to a more moderate setting until the spring starts.

These people are prone to investing in low-maintenance properties such as condos, townhomes and small single-family homes that can be easily locked and left empty. They want a place managed by an association that will take care of the common areas in their neighborhood so that when it’s time to go, all they have to do is shut off the lights and water. This type of seasonal buyer typically wants a 2nd home that’s simpler and smaller than what they are used to but still has enough space for hosting potential guests. As particular as this might seem, there are a lot of communities that are perfect for those who divide their time between 2 different parts of the country.

Carillon at Cambridge Lakes, Pingree Grove, IL

Although the Windy City can be challenging to live in when the temperature starts dropping, the rest of the year is much more pleasant with people spending a lot more time outside. Few communities exemplify this aspect of Chicago life better than Freedom Homes Carillon at Cambridge Lakes. Located in the tranquil suburban village of Pingree Grove, its homes stand in a nearly perfect locale especially for those who enjoy going out. Lakes, walking paths, bocce ball and tennis courts along with indoor and outdoor pools surround the properties of those fortunate enough to have a place here.

Designed as a community for people of 55 years or older, Carillon has a very moderate climate for the majority of the year. Being a low-maintenance lifestyle community, the residents don’t concern themselves much about things like lawn upkeep or remodeling their house’s structure so a lot of them simply go to their other home once the cold sets in; they know they don’t need to worry about the property while they’re gone. And should you find yourself living here, however temporary it is, you certainly won’t lack for things to do what with the shopping outlets, restaurants, entertainment venues and public parks that are all easily accessible. This stems from the community’s proximity to Interstate 90, Randall Road and Route 72, which are some of the major transportation routes in the Chicago area. This allows the residents to more easily explore the districts that surround this community, which feature a wide range of entertainment options. However, the most popular form of recreation here is undoubtedly the game of golf, which is bolstered by a fully stocked facility that includes a beautiful course, clubhouse party rooms and fitness center, which have made it a social center piece of Pingree Grove.

Despite having the traditionally freezing Midwestern winter climate, the temperature during the rest of the year is generally mild so staying in shape is pretty easy to do. And if you are planning to spend the cold months somewhere else, being able to go outside will be very helpful since it will allow you to enjoy physical activity more easily.

Preserve at Lakeside Landings, Winter Haven, FL

Built in the appropriately named city of Winter Haven, Florida, Preserve at Lakeside Landings is Freedom Homes newest active-adult community that offers the perfect getaway from cold weather. And much like the Cambridge Lakes neighborhood in Chicago, it is also designed for those seeking a low stress lifestyle with gated entrances, single-story homes, covered porches/verandas and lawns that are routinely maintained.

This community is accustomed to housing residents who don’t live here permanently and accommodates those who primarily come to Florida seeking a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. A major similarity between the Preserve and Carillon is that both feature top-of-the-line golf courses and are located in picturesque natural environments. Lakeside in particular has spectacular views of the more than fifty lakes surrounding its borders. Having a home here allows snowbirds to experience this gorgeous scenery even in the winter due to this being a mostly dry and sunny season in Florida.

Even if you only plan to come here during the colder months of the year, you will still be able to enjoy a resort-style pool, multi-purpose field, family friendly playgrounds and nature trails. The other amenities that Winter Haven offers are all accessible due to the village’s proximity to several major interstates. As with the attractions in Cambridge Lakes, they can be enjoyed by people of all ages; not just by those who are older adults. Some of the more popular sites include Disney World, LEGOLAND and the Lake Eva Water Park, which are all within driving distance and major attractions for families with children. Above all else, neighborhoods like this are designed for convenience – much to the joy of all those who don’t want to suffer through a frigid climate every single year.

The fact that the people who embrace this lifestyle don’t experience a harsh winter makes many of them extremely friendly. A lot of the residents in communities like the Preserve at Lakeside Landings are not from Florida originally and most likely won’t know a lot of people there, which makes them more likely to try to befriend their neighbors. They will be more eager to make connections with those living around them creating a very welcoming atmosphere. Those who maintain a residence here come from a wide variety of places resulting in a highly diverse community that houses multiple distinctive experiences. This essentially makes the residents just as interesting as the location itself, providing another reason to own a home here. For all who adhere to the snowbird seasonal migration style of living, Cambridge Lakes and the Lakeside Landings offer both convenience and flexibility; two things that are very useful to homeowners.

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